The difference 4 years makes...

Once upon a time, I had to SQUEEZE into these jeans.

I just can't stay motivated!

We all have days we want to skip a workout because we're just not feeling it. If you're not feeling motivated it can be tough to get out of the door and into the gym. You can't let this excuse hold you back!

Take this list and print it out. Hang it on your fridge or a mirror. If you don't have motivation go through this sucker and find a tip that will work for you! I've listed 52 ideas so there's one a week for a year!
I'd love to hear your ways to motivate yourself! Comment and let me know what works for you!

1. Make a new year's resolution
2. Make a bet
3. Ask someone to hold you accountable
4. set a specific goal with a date
5. Join a gym
6. Buy yourself a new workout outfit
7. workout at a specific time every day
8. Find a workout buddy
9. write your goals on your bathroom mirror
10. register for a race
11. make a vision board
12. run with your dog, or a friends dog
13. start a journal or blog of your exercise
14. Change up your routine by finding a new exercise
15. Take photos to document your progress. Take a new photo every other week and track your changes.
16. Make your workout a game, with a goal to go heavier, more intense or longer than last time
17. Schedule an appointment with a personal trainer
18. Sign up for a group exercise class
19. reward yourself after a hard workout with a massage
20. Commit publicly by posting about your workouts on social networking sites
21. Just show up. Sometimes getting to the gym is the hardest part!
22. Watch exercise videos. Sometimes just seeing other people working out with give you motivation to get out there yourself!
23. Make a list of the benefits you've experienced from exercise.
24. Make it a rule never to skip two workouts in a row.
25. Join a charity fund-raising fitness group. You can train and raise money for a good cause!
26. Listen to music or books on tape when you exercise.
27. Prepare your workout clothes before bed and make exercise the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning.
28. Make a list of common excuses you use not to work out, and a response to each of them. Use it when you feel like skipping your workout.
29. Get a calendar and give yourself a gold star each day you work out. Reward yourself when you hit every scheduled workout for a month.
30. Try a friend's workout routine and have them try yours.
31. Get a pedometer and see how many steps you take in a day. Make a game to take more steps than you did yesterday. Active people usually have at least 10000 steps a day.
32. Subscribe to a fitness magazine or online newsletter
33. Take measurements. A tape measure is a good way to show you progress.
34. If you've been logging your workouts, look back on old workouts to see how far you've come.
35. Find a mantra. Lots of people have phrases they repeat to themselves to keep motivated.
36. Change your scenery. Do your workout in a different place.
37. Having a tough day? Use your workout to relieve stress! Being upset or angry at someone can be a great motivator to turn up the intensity in the gym!
38. Plan for special occasions - weddings, class reunions, or big dates are a great reason to exercise!
39. Find a winter sport you love to stay motivated when it's cold outside!
40. Think about the health benefits. You'll be less likely to get sick or run down if you're in better shape!
41. Make yourself a priority! Often times we don't exercise because we have other things that need our attention. For you to be at your best you have to take care of yourself too!
42. Get started today! Don't wait until a specific date to begin your quest for health.
43. Going out of town? Make sure any hotels you stay at have a workout room and take advantage!
44. Make it a habit! Once you have a pattern of exercise for 3 or 4 weeks in a row you'll really start to miss it on the days you skip.
45. Buy an outfit that you really love but doesn't QUITE fit. Use this as your goal and get to work!
46. Take time to meditate every day about your goals. Set new goals as you achieve them!
47. Take baby steps - sometimes even small gradual changes will make a big difference down the road!
48. Find a photo of someone who inspires you to be fit (children, spouse, friends) and put it somewhere you’ll see it often. When you see it, imagine new fun, active things to do with that person.
49. Look for one article talking about or photo of your favorite activity each day to keep it fresh and exciting.
50. Climb Spencer's Butte (or any hill or butte you’d like) and record your time to the top. Make a specific goal to improve your time in a month.
51. Watch an inspirational movie or have a Rocky marathon!
52. Put your money where your mouth is! Pay yourself to exercise… Put a dollar in a piggy bank every time you exercise and crack it open once a year and have fun!