BSFFitness Basics Series: Better Squats! Box Squat Regression

Today I have a new BSFFitness Basics Series entry for you! If you're still working on getting the proper depth for your squat, box squats are a great method to help you progress! In this video Christy and I demonstrate how to use an adjustable height riser to drop your squat from a quarter all the way to parallel. A parallel or below parallel squat demands more glute involvement so if your anatomy allows you do to so safely you should strive for depth to build that booty.

Acro - Running Bird on Hands with Tiffany

Been working on this cool trick with Tiffany for just a little while now. I'm really excited at how far it's come, and how quickly! 

BSFFitness Basics Series: Better Squats! Intro to Squat Form

I decided to start filming basic exercises to share with my clients and to include video examples in my online training programs. It made sense for me to make the first one about squats! 
Here's the first of the BSFFitness Basics Series. Better Squats! An Intro to Squat Form.

Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments!