Once upon a time...

Before I lost 80+lbs and began strength training and running I was a sedentary and obese smoker. I was going through some old video and came across some footage of me after the point I wouldn't let people take picture of me anymore. I'm sharing here because I hope it will inspire someone else to stop smoking and get healthy. I was at least 260lbs here (I also stopped weighing myself at 257 and didn't get on the scale for a long time!) and smoking about a pack and a half of cigarettes a day.

I had really begun to feel sick and miserable all the time. Breathing was painful and difficult because of all of the pressure of my own weight on my chest. When I got a cold it was a terrible ordeal. I also have asthma and have had it since childhood but that never stopped me from smoking! If you're trapped in a sick shell of a body that you don't even recognize anymore just understand you don't have to be that way. You can make the changes no matter your age and live the rest of your life healthy and free from obesity and cigarette addiction.

The weird thing is even though I have changed my body so significantly sometimes I still look in the mirror and see that guy and feel like I'm that big. I hope someday that feeling will go away.

"Results-based fitness"

This is a buzzword I've seen recently and frankly it's driving me nuts. What does this even mean? What is the point of sticking to any fitness plan if it's not going to bring you results? Places that use this buzzword are also usually the places that have tiny 3lb hand weights for ladies and do classes like "bodysculpt" and "cardiofit".

Let me do you a favor ladies. If your gym is doing bodysculpt classes and giving everyone weights that are smaller than your purse, find a new place to train and a new trainer to give you a routine.

Lift heavy weight. This will build more muscle which burns more fat and raises your "at-rest" metabolism to help you get that toned look you're after. The key is muscle! By having you lift something so tiny your gym isn't preparing you for life outside the gym. Does that dumbbell weigh more than the child you have to pick up 20 times a day? I want you to be ready for anything you have to tackle during the day. Your time training with me should be the HARDEST thing you have to do all day if you really want to see results. THAT is results-based fitness. Now can we stop using that term?

What fitness terms or practices drive you crazy? Sound off in the comments and let me know!

Have you registered for Paleocon?

This is a free online event! If you haven't registered you should do it now! Lots of great presenters giving you free valuable information. Paleo combined with a good exercise plan is a great way to lose weight while retaining lean muscle!

Here's a link to the registration page:

I'm not associated with any business involved in this convention in any way (unfortunately!), I just believe this is a great free resource and think everyone can benefit from learning more about their food!